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voiceped's Journal

Voice Pedagogy
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voice pedagogy


Welcome to voiceped!

Founder: adele87
Co-founder: nhowells91

This community is for serious voice pedagogy discussion.

Join if...

  • You are interested in voice pedagogy
  • You are a professional voice teacher in the private and/or university setting
  • You are taking Voice Pedagogy at your university for a graduation requirement and want to find out more information about it
  • You are doing or want to do your MM/DMA in voice ped or are looking at graduate programs for voice pedagogy
  • If you read a voice ped book and really liked it, or if you went to a masterclass or had/watched a teacher whose teaching style you liked. Tell us what you liked about it! How was it effective?
  • You have a degree or a seeking a degree in vocal/choral music education and want to talk about choral singing vrs. solo singing.
  • You have a great deal of song literature knowledge and you like art song. Discussing the interpretation of art song would be a good idea, since many teachers at the high school and undergraduate levels start with art song first.
  • You are a vocal performance or vocal/choral music education major and just want to learn more about voice pedagogy because you think that it is interesting.
  • Please join only if you are 18+. I'm not going to be a stalker and hunt you down and check, but I don't want to have a bunch of high schoolers posting their senior recital repertoire in here like what has gone on in some of the other singing communities. Your repertoire is between you and your teacher. What someone else thinks of it shouldn't matter.

  • Please be nice to other people. I'm not going to check all the comments under all the posts here, so you're on your own on that. If you feel like someone is being a troll and coming in here on purpose to offend others, then let me know (adele87 AT gmail DOT com). However, if it's just a matter of disagreement or you don't like an awnser to a question you asked, then that's between you and them. I'm not going to go trigger happy on banning people, so just be mature about this (I've had voice communities where this has been an issue!).
  • This is a topic specific community. If it's not related to voice pedagogy, voice, classical vocal music, opera (preferably keep it to something along the lines of the pedagogical or technical difficulties of repertoire, but whatever), or whatever, then don't post it. If you want to discuss repertoire in general that's fine too, though. Vocal literature knowledge is an integral part of being a good instructor! :-)
  • If you're interested in doing graduate work in voice pedagogy, that's fine, but don't come on here asking a blanket statement like, "What are the names of some good schools for a masters in voice pedagogy?" Do your own research. If you're in a voice ped graduate program and you really like it, then post about it, but don't ask us to pick your school. The pickings for a voice pedagogy graduate degree are pretty slim, so it shouldn't be that hard to find a good degree program in it. If you're unsure of where to start, that's why there is Google!

    Your moderator,